How to build dofollow links

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About Course

The level of this course is beginner. If you never built links, or just started, this is for you. There will also be golden nuggets for experienced SEOs.

The How to build dofollow links is meant for you, the person doing seo on your homepage or your clients homepages. And you dont know how to get started building links.

When I started building backlinks, there were no basic tutorials. There were, and there are, many extremely advanced tutorials and courses, but if you dont know anything about links, these courses confuse more than help.

So I have made this course for you, that want the tips and tricks from a pro, that did this for years.

I will show the exact process I use to build links for my own website. Its a process I have used for years now, and its relatively simple.

DISCLAIMER: I use the paid tool Mangools quite heavily. Its the cheapest of the backlink inspection tools on the market, but if subscription software is not for you, then consider if this course is for you. It wont be possible for you to follow along, if you dont use Mangools.

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Course Content

1. Tools needed to for course
This shows the tools needed for the course. Main tool is Mangools:

  • 1. Tools needed for the course

2. What is a dofollow link
In this lesson I will explain what is a dofollow link, and how we can inspect for dofollow links.

3. What is the strategy to use
In this video I will explain what links to build in what order, and what strategy we must use

4. How to use Mangools
In this video I will show how to use the basic functions of Mangools

5. How to reverse engineer competitors for backlinks
In this video I will show the workflow when using Mangools to reverse engineer competitors for backlinks

6. How to use seed sites

7. How to fast increase CF and TF and other metrics

8. How to use Google to find free dofollow links

9. How to use Chatgpt to find free dofollow links

Bonus video: Watch me build 10 dofollow links
In this video I build the 10 links that I suggest you start out all campaigns with. Link to video inside lesson content

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