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Advanced link building course and backlink strategies

Welcome to my seo training courses. I teach cloud stacking seo, twitter seo, and tumblr seo. I teach groundbreaking and innovative linkbuilding techniques. If you follow the methods in my training, you are bound to experience higher rankings. I use a mixture of known web 2.0 properties and Google properties, and combine them in new ways. I have spent a lot of time testing and refining my methods, and I hold nothing back in my training. What I do, is what You get!

Why bother learning about backlinks in 2023

Even if Google claims otherwise, backlinks is still one of the most important factors when it comes to achieving higher rankings. This is not likely to ever change, as the entire Google ranking algorithm from the start has been based on the importance of backlinks.

The uprising of AI tools enable all of us to publish unlimited amount of highly optimized content. When all, or the majority of websites you are competing against have highly optimized content to the same degree, then all other things being equal, the defining factor for your websties success will be backlinks. 

Tumblr backlink course

Backlink methods for web 2 properties

Tumblr is one of my favourite web2 properties. Its free, easy to setup, and you can post all sorts of content. Text, images and videos. You can link your tumblr account to your Twitter account for auto reposting of your tumblr posts. In my tumblr seo course, I go through the entire process of how to find expired tumblr profiles, how to identify the tumblr profiles with high authority, how to use Domain Hunter Gatherer to collect tumblr profiles, and how to use your tumblr profiles in your link building strategy.

Twitter moments link building course

Super advanced link building course not for beginners

Twitter decided to sunset the Twitter moments feature, and therefore this couse has been retired from the webshop. It can still be accessed for those that purchased the link building course, but if you didnt buy, and want access now, reach out to me personally. 

The social media Twitter needs no introduction. Its one of the oldest social media networks, and is used by journalists, seo professionals, and all sorts of people around the world. The purpose of offering a link building course based in the Twitter platform in the first place, is due to the fact that even brand new Twitter profiles has an immense authority. This means that when you tweet something that includes an outgoing link, this link automatically gets a very high authority and trust factor in Googles ranking algorithms. Thats not to say that you can rank websites only with tweets. But it means that when you add tweets into the mix of all the other types of links you are building for your websites, you get a higher chance of ranking.