Cloud Stacking SEO course on Amazon S3


Cloud stacking seo course

In this course you will learn how to build powerful and very advanced html pages on Amazon S3. The html files can also be uploaded to other cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

I will go over how to build the html file, and show you excatly what you need to add. I will go over the schema I add, and how I make the schema.

I have handpicked a number of powerfull citations and dofollow backlinks, that I include in my backlinking, and I will show to to incorporate them into the HTML cloud page.

Included in the course will be videos and the html template for the cloud page. Included is also a very specific and detailed SOP.

The course is not for beginners.

The course is VA friendly, since it includes a detailed SOP.


In this course you will learn how to use build very advanced and powerful HTML pages on Amazon S3. The HTML page is handmade, and a readymade template will be delivered with the course.