Local Destruction cloud stacking


DA93 cloud backlink from the windows.net domain

This gig is a specialized cloud stacking gig, optimized to boost your local seo rankings. We build static html websites, and upload them to 11 powerful cloud services. They are interlinked. We have designed this cloud stack, so they interlink and channel the combined power from 11 cloud sites into 11 powerful links from cloud domains.

RECOMMENDED: We recommend you purchase the google stack addon, as it will help power the cloud stacks up. It will be embedded on the cloud stack to add further relevance from the Google links. We will use the information you allready filled, to make the Google stack, so it will not appear as a seperate product.

About PDF links: If you select the optional pdf links, we will build a pdf version of the cloud site pointing to your target url. They pdf stack will be placed inside the bucket, and sent to the indexers. We will deliver the pdf files to you. You can then send the pdf files to pdf sharing sites for additional link building power.


What is included

  • We create the following:
  • Cloud site on DA93 domain with 8 pages and seo optimized content
  • 11 cloud sites included in total
  • Content (english only)


  • *Google Stack embedded in Cloud Stack - We will use the INFO that you fill in below, to the Google stack will not appear as a seperate product in your cart
    *PDF links - we build a pdf stack version of your cloud stack pointing to the target url


What is this?

This is a cloud stacking gig targetted local companies websites. We are building a collection of links that all have a positive effect on your websites organic and maps rankings.

What is the turn around time

The turn around time is 5-7 days. In rare occasions, or if you order on a friday, the turn around time can be up to 9 days.

Does it work in non english languages

Yes it does. If you want us to work in non english languages, you must deliver a 1500 word article to us, that we can use for the gig.

How fast can I see movements

Within 14 days we see good movements, and the final results will appear after around 6 weeks.

Does it work in all niches

Yes it works in all niches. We dont do adult or gambling related niches, but we work in all other niches.

Whats the recommended number of gigs in order to see the desired results

It depends on the competition, how optimized your website is, and your current backlink profile. For most keywords, one gig will probably not be enough. For medium to high competition areas, we recommend that you order a new gig every three weeks, in order to send strong ranking signals to Google.

Does it work both in Organic and Maps ranking

Yes, we see movements both in organic and maps rankings.

Do I need other links than these cloud stacks?

Yes. The way Google works is, they rely on ranking signals from many types of websites in order to rank your website. For local companies, we always recommend to build citations, like for example the citations that https://citationvault.com/ offer. The combination of citations and cloud stacks is very powerful.

Is there anything I need to do on my website?

Yes, we see that the onpage SEO has become super important. Its very important that you have your target keyword in the meta title, header, subheader and content as a minimum.